Ali Obaid Bin Hatem

Having 16 years of exhibition experience, he uses the skills he honed as Director of Exhibition & Marketing of General Exhibitions Corporation. He is very much involved in the International Defense Exhibition (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi. He is the Chairman of EXCON Middle East Exhibition and Conference and Smart Design LLC.

Ahmed Faisal Ali Bin Braik

The former Director of Administration & Finance of General Exhibitions Corporation. He represented GEC in The Global Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI). He is the Regional Director of the Arab Union for International Exhibitions & Conferences. Former Financial Manager for The Military Committee for International Defense Exhibition (CODEX).

Jamal Khalil

The Regional Manager for Arab Union for Exhibition and Conference for Eastern Countries and the proficient General Manager of EXCON Middle East. He works on the front line with major international clients and headed exhibition operations for more than 50 companies participated last International Defense Exhibition 2007 (IDEX).